12 Reasons to Use PortaSafe

1. Adjustable steel tension uprights hold bag open without clips, or circumference bands.

2. Approved PortaSafe bags fit perfectly. Eliminates bags sliding into container.

3. PortaSafe System offers integrated storage of approved PortaSafe bags. Replacement bags are always “at the ready”.

4. The System is designed to maintain a clean, fresh appearance. Conventional containers attract dirt and germs, while providing a billboard for graffiti artists.

5. The PortaSafe System requires less labor to maintain a more sanitary image. Simply change the bag, as opposed to scrubbing, or power washing conventional containers.

6. Gain better control of bag usage, and waste, with PortaSafe coreless roll bags..

7. Eliminate stock piling of bags in the bottom of conventional enclosed conatiners.

8. Reduce bag pilferage through better control of usage.

9. Maximize full use of bag capacity, use fewer bags and still handle easily.

10. No employee back strain from awkward vertical lifting positions, as experienced with conventional containers. Simply slide bags from the rack.

11. Industrial grade nylon glides protects smooth finished floors.

12. Reduce costs such as lost workdays, legal, insurance and medical expenses as related to employee back injuries.